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[kleo_row] [kleo_one_third] The dating service Love, Honour and Respect Me is run by The Loving Heart Foundation Australia, which is a non-profit, non-government, Private Community organisation that works to educate people about Domestic Violence, Emotionally and Psychologically abusive Relationships, Sexual Abuse and Teenage Dating Violence.
The Foundation will be in a position to offer accommodation to victims of violence in the second half of 2017. Any fees that you pay to join our site will go towards helping those victims, their children and their animals.

Our blog is at http://lovehonourandrespect.org/  or go to our video channel to see and hear some entertaining and interesting films. There are videos and recordings that will help you with health issues, or those that will expand your mind, there are some that will help you be a better partner in a relationship, and others that will help you along on your spiritual journey. Check it out here at:   http://www.mindbodyheartandsoul.org/ [/kleo_one_third] [kleo_two_third][kleo_slider] [kleo_slider_image src=”http://lovehonourandrespect.me/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/slider-image-3.jpg”] [kleo_slider_image src=”http://lovehonourandrespect.me/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/slider-image-4.jpg”] [kleo_slider_image src=”http://lovehonourandrespect.me/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/slider-image-6.jpg”] [kleo_slider_image src=”http://lovehonourandrespect.me/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/slider-image-10.jpg”][/kleo_slider][/kleo_two_third] [/kleo_row]

[kleo_section bg=”” centered=0 border=1][kleo_row][kleo_two_third][kleo_h3] Mission Statement [/kleo_h3][kleo_lead_paragraph] Our mission is to bring couples together who will form strong, loving bonds and who will treat each other with Love, Honour and Respect. [/kleo_lead_paragraph]Society has lost its values. We firmly believe that loving relationships are vital to the structure of society. Without the basic family unit being happy and successful, the rest of society falls into chaos.

In today’s society, children are being been brought up to believe that the single life is more important than love and family. The ‘Me’ generation is creating a whole host of unhappy young people who are seeking to fill the void in their life. That void can only be filled by surrounding oneself with love and laughter, and by finding self-love and acceptance.

Firstly, people everywhere need to learn to heal their pain and to love themselves. Then, when they have healed from the traumas of their past, they are then ready to bring their healed self to a love bond with another scarred but healed individual who is also ready to commit to a loving bond.

If you’re seeking to commit to a relationship with someone you love, and if you aim to raise your children in a loving family home, then our service is for you.[/kleo_two_third] [kleo_one_third][kleo_h3] Love, Honour & Respect [/kleo_h3]When two people are deeply in love, and there is honour and respect for one another in their relationship, the bond between the two emits a vast amount of Light. That Light connects with other Lights coming from other strongly bonded relationships and creates a kind of ‘matrix’ over our planet that protects us all from evil.

We cannot emphasise enough how important love and happiness is to the world. If the only thing you ever do throughout your life is love and let yourself be loved, and create a happy family home, you’ll have done more good for the world than you will ever realise.

When you create a loving home, your children learn to be kind and to show respect for others.[/kleo_one_third][/kleo_row][/kleo_section]


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[kleo_h3] Meet [kleo_colored_text color=”#F00056″] Our Team [/kleo_colored_text] [/kleo_h3]

[kleo_one_third][kleo_img_rounded src=”http://seventhqueen.com/demo/SweetDate/v2/DefaultHeader/Wide/assets/images/small_thumb_03.png”] [kleo_h4]Madeline[/kleo_h4]Founder

I created this matchmaking service so that people who are serious about finding a long-term partner have someone whom they can turn to for help with their goals.

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[kleo_one_third] [kleo_img_rounded src=”http://lovehonourandrespect.me/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/Racquel_LH_RM.jpg”] [kleo_h4]Racquel[/kleo_h4]Matchmaker

It is my pleasure to assist you to meet your perfect match! Feel free to talk with me and I’ll do everything within my power to help make your dreams come true!

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[kleo_one_third] [kleo_img_rounded src=”http://lovehonourandrespect.me/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/Nihar_LHAR.jpg”] [kleo_h4]Nihar[/kleo_h4]Marketing

It’s my job to market our services so that we reach the man or woman who will be right for you. I take my job seriously and I realise the importance of this role.

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