Women say “I want to be Loved“. Men say “I want to be Free“. When a woman can say “I am Love“, and a man can say “I am Free“, then they are both ready for a Divine Union.

It all starts with lots of Friendly Communication and then a Date

You have found our site, finally, and you are ready to fall in love. Here we will take some of the difficulties out of the process in finding that man or woman who will become the love of your life.

Welcome to Love, Honour and Respect Me

Love, Honour and Respect Me is a match-making agency for those who are wanting to create a long term, committed partnership. In the search for someone compatible, it is initially wisest to become friends, therefore platonic friendships are the best way to search for your long-term relationship. Hopefully among those friendships you will meet your someone special.

This is not an agency for those who are in open relationships or who claim to be in open relationships. Neither is it suitable for those who want casual encounters.

If you are serious about meeting the love of your life, and you are capable of making a commitment to the one whom you fall in love with, then or agency is for you. If you’re after fast, easy sex, sorry but we can’t help you.

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